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Citizen’s new brand statement, “Better Starts Now,” reflects the simple belief that, no matter who you are or what you do, it is always possible to make something better – and now is the time to start doing it. The philosophy is that better and now are both infinite, and that there is always a next ‘better’ and a new ‘now’ in which to start pursuing it.

Eco-Drive Satellite Wave-Air


Citizen’s focus on the future and the brand’s determination to improve upon the past is reflected in its Eco-Drive and Satellite Wave technologies. Eco-Drive technology allows the company’s Eco-Drive watches to be powered by any light, artificial or natural. They never need a battery. This is good for the planet, as it eliminates the need to send old batteries to landfill, and it is good for the watch because it will never need to be pried open and potentially damaged while replacing a battery. Satellite Wave technology captures day, date and time signals from satellites orbiting the earth, providing ultra- precise and accurate timekeeping to people all over the world.


How Citizen Watch uses light and space to find a “better” way to tell time

Satellite Wave F100 (left) and Satellite Wave-World Time GPS (right)

Citizen was the first watch brand to introduce Satellite Wave technology in 2011, with its Limited Edition Eco-Drive Satellite Wave, the first watch to synchronize with navigation satellites that orbit the earth. These watches could intercept signals from any open space, whether in the middle of the ocean or the top of a mountain.
In 2013, Citizen followed up with the Eco-Drive Satellite Wave-Air, the first full-metal case satellite watch, with more advanced reception sensitivity. The case and dial design are distinctively futuristic, with a titanium case inspired by the streamlined structures of airplane wings, representing dynamism and lightness, with a three-layered dial that suggests the rotating fan blades of an aircraft engine. The dial is constructed of three transparent layers in which the indexes, windows and hands appear to float.

Citizen took another industry-leading step forward in 2014 with the Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F100. It has the fastest reception speed, resulting from a combination of quicker hand movements, thanks to four individual watch-hand motors, and the radically improved antennae sensitivity.

It is also lighter and thinner, measuring a mere 12.4 mm thick and made of lightweight titanium, for comfortable wear. Furthermore, it tells the time in 40 time zones. The dial design is inspired by the solar panels used to power orbiting satellites. The hollowed push buttons are designed to simulate the fuselage of navigational satellites, and are carved out to keep the watch slim and trim. Unique to the F100 is a light level indicator that allows the wearer to gauge the intensity of light reflecting on the dial. And finally, it is more accurate than the original edition, boasting a rate of plus or minus 15 seconds per month to plus or minus 5 seconds per month.

Limited Edition Satellite Wave F900

This year, Citizen introduces two more versions of the Satellite Wave, the Satellite Wave F900 Limited Edition, and the Satellite Wave-World Time GPS, to be launched this fall. The F900 is a multi-functional sports watch, with a 1/20th second chronograph and dual time display that shows the time in two different world time zones simultaneously. The high-speed twin-coil motor, newly designed for multi-functional watches, allows the hands to spin very fast both in normal and reverse rotations to quickly and smoothly correct the time between time zones.

The Satellite Wave-World Time GPS can access information for 27 cities in 40 time zones and, like the F900, has a reception time as quick as three seconds. It does this with an Eco-Drive light-powered charge that lasts up to two years. Other functions include perpetual calendar, daylight savings time indicator, light level power indicator and day/date function. It is water resistant to 100 meters.


Satellite Wave-World Time GPS

Satellite Wave GPS watches range in price from $1,150 for the newest models (Satellite Wave-World Time GPS) to $2,400 (Limited Edition F900).

“The driving goal at Citizen is always to do things better and to make technology more accessible to everyone” says Jeffrey Cohen, president of Citizen Watch Company of America.

“We are very pleased that these new timepieces will bring satellite technology to a broader market of watch enthusiasts.”

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