Vacheron Constantin Mirrors Matisse Aesthetic

Posted by Carol Besler on Jul 3, 2013 4:30:57 AM

From Vacheron Constantin's Metiers D'Art Les Univers Infinis collection. The pieces in this collection are inspired by the work of artist M.C. Escher and his tessellations concept. The Fish watch pictured employs all four of watchmaking's Metiers: enameling, engraving, gemsetting, and guillochage. The movement is also fully decorated, in accordance with the Hallmark of Geneva criteria.

For Vacheron Constantin, watchmaking is all about the fine craftsmanship involved in the process of creating a work of horological art. The skills involved in each aspect of making a beautiful timepiece, from the decorated components of the movement to the intricate details of the case and dial, are paramount, particularly in the Vacheron Constantin Metiers d’Art collection. The brand has a special affinity for artists, and among its many exhibit sponsorships was “Matisse: In Search of True Painting,” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art earlier this year. Matisse was fascinated by the process of artistic creation, and frequently painted the same composition in several different styles on canvases of the same size. At each stage of the painting, he would add a new layer of detail. For Vacheron Constantin, the canvas is the dial plate, upon which its watchmakers create exquisite, decorated movements, layer upon layer, beginning with the movement. The final layer is the dial, a work of art using the techniques of enameling, engraving, marquetry and gemsetting. The case and bezel, often engraved and set, add the final brushstroke to the Vacheron Constantin canvas.

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