Jaeger-LeCoultre Interview with Brand Ambassador Diane Kruger

Posted by Carol Besler on Mar 5, 2014 5:00:48 AM

Diane Kruger. Jaeger-LeCoultre reverso ultra-thin 2 Credits Marcel Hartmann.

You have been associated with Jaeger-LeCoultre for six years now. What impresses you about the brand?

My mom gave me a Reverso watch for my 18th Birthday. I still wear it and it is very special to me. Then, in 2007 I was in a movie which showed at the Venice Film Festival and I needed a special piece of jewelry to go with my dress. I saw the Jaeger-LeCoultre diamond 101 watch and just absolutely fell in love with it, so my relationship with Jaeger-LeCoultre is an ongoing one. I truly love their watches.

How would you describe Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Women Collection?

The watches in the women’s collection are timeless and elegant. I love the fact that they are understated and classy. The watches are beautiful objects. I don't wear much jewelry, and I prefer wearing one of their watches over a bracelet. Right now I wear my rose gold Rendez-Vous for day. I think it is very elegant and sophisticated, yet the roundness makes it young and flirty. And I wear my diamond 101 for nighttime.


What type of watch best fits your temperament?

I like the rose gold Reverso best. I love how the gold fuses with my skin tone. I like to be understated yet put together, so I feel that the rose gold Reverso reflects that beautifully.


The latest Jaeger-LeCoultre film, Reinvent Yourself in which you star is based on the concept of reinvention. In a parallel to your personal life, what part has reinvention played? You have had a career as a ballerina, fashion model and now an actress. What do you think drives this?

My career changes were driven by my ongoing belief that everything is possible in life, and that if I put my heart and soul into something, I can achieve anything. I like the idea that our lives are constantly evolving and changing and nothing is ever set in stone. I strive to stay true to myself even as I continuously respond to the changes and choices that are presented.


Which director would you most like to work with?

Michael Haneke. I love all of his movies, and “Amour” was my favourite film of last year.


In 2013, you played in three movies and a television series, and another movie is also scheduled for 2014 – Midnight Sun with Jesse Eisenberg. You have been quite busy. Tell us about that.

I had a wonderful, creative year. It has been exciting to work so much. I am looking forward to spending the rest of the year in Paris enjoying my friends and getting some much needed rest. Hopefully, all the hard work will result in beautiful films!


The Bridge was your first television series. Why this choice, and how is it different from a film shooting?

Cable networks such as F/X, HBO or AMC have created a golden era of television, with material that is often stronger than what is being done in the movies, especially for women. I was excited to get the opportunity to explore such a complex character over 13 episodes. That being said, I will of course continue to make movies, both in French and English.


How do you think the attitude towards acting/actors has changed in recent years?

Well, I think there is less of a mystery when it comes to that. It is often mostly a business. But I still think that we are fascinated by movies and the people that make us feel things. Film is a universal language. No matter what language one speaks, it is a powerful voice. At least for me, there is nothing better than going to the movies...sharing this moment with others in the dark room...feeling others emotions...I always leave invigorated.


What do you love most about the world of cinema?

I love watching films that inspire or that teach me something, or movies that transport me to another world. It’s fun to live in someone else’s imagination for a while. That is the gift of moviemaking, and I love being a part of that.


What inspires you in fashion?

The possibility to be a different woman each day; to be able to express my mood on the outside by what I wear.


You are a fashion icon. How would you describe your style? What is your signature, and how does Jaeger-LeCoultre come into it?

I think the word “icon” is overused. I don't follow trends, but I think fashion is a wonderful art form. For me, everything is in the details and in the craftsmanship and that’s where Jaeger-LeCoultre factors into it. I appreciate the brand’s understatement and commitment to quality.


What are your top style tips?

Always be yourself. Don`t follow fashion, but dress to your mood and personality. Don`t be scared.


On the fashion side, what is the one thing you absolutely cannot live without?

A good pair of jeans and a comfy pair of flats.


What is the best advice about life you have ever received?

Live every day as if it`s your last.

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