High-tech time: Citizen sets the bar high with the brand’s latest technological breakthroughs

Posted by Carol Besler on Mar 8, 2013 3:30:50 AM

This Citizen Proximity Watch integrates with iOS devices.

Citizen Watch Company is showing the world once again that it is making exciting advancements in the world of watchmaking. The brand has introduced Eco-Drive Atomic Timekeeping, Eco-Drive Satellite Wave, and is now set to unveil a world first: Bluetooth technology in an Eco-Drive timepiece. Each of these technological innovations builds on the strength of Citizen’s proprietary Eco-Drive technology.

Citizen’s revolutionary Eco-Drive watches are fueled by light, so they never need a battery. They harness the power of light from any source, and convert the light into energy, which is stored in a permanently rechargeable lithium cell. Thus, these watches can recharge continuously to run forever.

Taking this technology to the next level, Citizen Eco-Drive watches with Atomic Timekeeping are the most accurate timepieces in the world. Atomic Timekeeping models, such as the new Men’s Eco-Drive World Chronograph A-T, feature radio-controlled accuracy. Time and calendar functions are updated both automatically and on demand. Depending on the design, signals are received by the watches from transmitters in North America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan or China.

The Citizen Bluetooth Proximity demonstrates how linking your phone with your watch can greatly enhance the function of both. This extraordinary new watch is compatible with the new generation of iPhone 4S technology.

A-T Radio-controlled functions in five time zones make Atomic Timekeeping watches the most accurate in the world.

Here is how it works: the owners of the new Proximity watch simply download the Citizen application online and synchronize their iPhones to their watches. Then the fun begins. Firstly, the watch serves as a safety feature for the phone. There is a 10-meter range within which the synchronization works, and once you cross the 10-meter mark, your phone will automatically lock. This prevents theft in the event that the phone has been left behind or, if it is already stolen, will prevent its further use. If you can’t find the phone, simply press a pusher on your watch and it will ring.

The Proximity will also subtly alert you to any incoming emails or calls on your iPhone. It does this in two ways: the seconds hand moves to either the 11 o’clock position (to alert you to an incoming call) or the 10 o’clock position (alerting you to incoming mail). The watch will also vibrate, so if you are sitting in a meeting, you can track incoming messages without constantly checking your phone – or worse, having it ring or beep during the meeting. The watch will also synchronize with your iPhone calendar function, vibrating to remind you of appointments.

Traveling is also easier with the Proximity watch. Since it is synched to your iPhone, with the push of a button Proximity can automatically set itself to adjust to the local time and date. The Proximity, of course, also keeps time, with several added complication functions, including a one-second chronograph, perpetual calendar and a power-reserve indicator. In case diving is on the agenda, it is water resistant to 100 meters.

The Blue Angels World Chronograph A-T pays tribute to the Navy’s elite flight demonstration squadron, with Atomic Timekeeping technology that keeps accurate time in 26 cities around the world.

Proximity is the most recent of Citizen’s impressive Eco-Drive introductions, which also include the Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave that was introduced in the Fall/Winter season. The Satellite Wave was created as a limited edition watch with another totally new timekeeping system. This next-generation timepiece coordinates with the nearest of 24 navigation satellites that orbit the earth. It captures day, date and time signals the satellites emit from space, 20,000 kilometers above the earth. As satellite signals are controlled by atomic clocks, this timekeeping technology is ultra-precise.

The Satellite Wave design also reflects its orbital technology. A metal ring embedded in the glass bezel of the watch seems to float in outer space, like a satellite in planetary orbit. Its round case, which appears to be independent of the lugs, suggests an image of the earth.

Spiral elements visible from the sides of the watch’s glass bezel are both a design motif, reminiscent of the radio waves that link this watch with outer space, and serving as visible symbols of the light waves that provide Eco-Drive with an inexhaustible source of energy. To complete the futuristic theme, three-dimensional forms on the watch face evoke an image of spaceship engines.

Jeffrey Cohen, president of Citizen Watch Company of North America explains: "We are dedicated to setting new standards in product development at Citizen. It is the core strength of our brand. Our goal is to lead the industry not only with stylish new designs, but also with world-class technological advancements,” he says. “Our Eco-Drive watches never need batteries, ensuring not only that they are better for the environment, but also that they are convenient for watch owners.

“We are pleased to enhance Citizen's unique light-powered Eco-Drive technology with our latest innovations. With the introduction of atomic time keeping, satellite wave technology and the Proximity Watch with Bluetooth technology – integrated with Citizen Eco-Drive technology – we are reconfirming our commitment to continuously creating a watch unlike any other."

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