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Posted by Bert on Jun 14, 2013 4:30:01 AM

Wempe Jewelers congratulates Bert Kalisher and the entire team at Chronos on the occasion of the magazine’s Centennial! Your contributions to the watch industry have helped pave the way for the renaissance in the art of watchmaking. Chronos pioneered the blending of in-depth technical analysis and lifestyle.

Ruediger Albers
President, American Wempe Corp.

Many congratulations to Bert Kalisher and Chronos on the 100th issue! We have read the magazine from the beginning, and right from the start it has been a quality product. You always manage to produce a nice balance of modern wristwatch news and consistently good quality photography providing an engaging read. Well done; keep up the good work.

Jonathan Betts, M.B.E.
NMM Greenwich
Senior Curator of Horology Royal Observatory Greenwich Royal Museums Greenwich

Congratulations on reaching 100! I love going, via Chronos, across the country and around the world to museums and art exhibitions I couldn’t attend any other way. I look forward to more vicarious visits through the next 100 issues. Thank you, Chronos. And thank you, Bert.

Dava Sobel
Author of Longitude

Best regards and congratulations on your 100th issue. Chronos has been a dynamic publication covering not only the watch industry but other facets of the luxury business.

Roland Puton
Former Chairman of Rolex Watch USA

My sincere congratulations on the 100th edition of Chronos. What horological consistency. Keep going like this, Bert, for the next 100 editions. Good Luck and Happy Milestone Chronos.

Francois-Paul Journe Montres Journe SA

On behalf of the Horological Society of New York we congratulate Chronos on the 100th issue. We thank you for always supporting our efforts and wish you continued success.

Edwin M. Hydeman President

I discovered Chronos in 1996 and have looked forward to each issue ever since. I like Chronos because it seems to cover so many of the things I’m interested in – chronographs and other high-tech watches, beautiful and fast cars, sailing and unique travel experiences—and often introduces me to fascinating new subjects. Too, Chronos is a magazine that I can relax and unwind with. I get my fill of unsettling political and business stories everywhere I turn. Chronos, by contrast, has no scare headlines, just well written articles in an elegant format. Congratulations on reaching your 100th issue.

Bruce Wennerstrom
Chairman and Founder, Greenwich Concours d’Elegance

All my best wishes to you on your 100th issue. You have always had great appeal to me as a collector, and I appreciate the eclecticism of your articles.

Eli Wallach

Congratulations to Chronos on publishing your 100th issue. I always enjoy reading the automotive/racing feature in each issue. Here’s to the next 100!

Mario Andretti

Congratulations Chronos on reaching 100 issues published to date. As a consumer and not a professional in the businesses that support you and advertise with you, I look forward to reading Chronos as much as I do Architectural Digest. You and they are classics in the information you impart, the sophistication of your layout and visuals and the quality of your message. Reading Chronos is a pleasure, and I look forward to every new issue. I am also a better informed person because of you.

Willard Block
President, Viacom World Wide (retired)

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